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Annual Ph.D research project presentation

Hi everybody,

as you probably know, every year  Ph.D students have to discuss their annual work progress. This year the annual activities presentations are scheduled as follows:

Below some useful information and deadlines:

  • 10th December: Reports Delivery Deadline;
  • PPT Presentation: max. 15 min ( 30 min. XXX Cycle), it has to be written in English and it can be discussed both in English (Recommended) or in Italian;
  • The PPT Presentation has to be delivered directly the day of the discussion on a USB support.

For any information you can write to Sarah Tonello, Andrea Bodini and Stefano Lenzi at the following email adresses: s.tonello, a.bodini004 and s.lenzi002.

Add to the names the “@unibs.it” suffix.

Best Regards and Good Work.