Since XXXVIII Cycle the courses specifically available for Tech4Health students are hereinafter reported.

More details for the current Academic Year are reported in the webpage of each specific course (link in the title); here is the current calendar for all the active courses.

Printed ElectronicsProf. Mauro Serpelloni
Advanced Methods for Studying Molecular InteractionsProf. Marco Rusnati | Prof. Pasqualina D’Ursi
Biomedical Impedance SystemsProf. Oscar Casas
Computer Aided SurgeryProf. Nicola Francesco Lopomo
Sustainability Evaluation of TechnologyProf. Elza Bontempi | Dr. Giulio Oliviero

Additional seminars are also provided and information will be shared in the News&Event section.

All the PhD students can also attend the specific courses offered by the University as Cross-cutting skills and other training opportunities.

Furthermore, there are several further courses offered by other PhD Programs of the University, including – among the others – DRII, DRIMI, TESPS and DICACIM, and the Phd Programs in Biorobotics and in Emerging Digital Technologies of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.